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Are you a STUPID CULT member?

There’s common belief system to be found amongst those who will never become wealthy.

It’s a poisonous belief system that has become so entrenched into its followers that it has almost become a cult.

Below are a list of financial characteristics of members of the Financially Stupid Cult.

To find out if you’re in danger of becoming a Stupid Cult, read the 9 defining beliefs below.

#1 Spend More Than You Earn

Spending more than they earn is a fundamental right of Stupid Cults. Their salary will not restrict their purchasing power.

#2 Debt Is A Given

Stupid Cults believe that debt is an inconsequential and perfectly natural part of modern life, and should be used to bridge the gap between their salary and their wants. Restrictions on borrowing are viewed as a breach of human rights by Stupid Cults. Furthermore, borrowing allows them to have those things they desire NOW, instead of wasting time saving up to pay cash for them. Stupid Cults believe that owning a lot of credit cards is a sign of financial maturity.

#3 Looking wealthy

It’s easier to look wealthy than it is to actually be wealthy. Stupid Cults always ‘look’ wealthy. Buying branded goods and German cars to lift their self esteem and impress other Cult Members is essential.

#4 Nothing is their responsibility.

Neither their lives, their income nor their circumstances are a consequence of THEIR behaviour. They are all the result of the Law of Cause and Effect. Stupid Cults believe they are merely the victim and Effect of a Cause perpetrated by either the Government, their parents, their boss or Society at large. Nothing is their fault, and they are responsible for nothing.

#5 Building An Emergency Fund Is Neither A Requirement Nor An Aspiration

Living a life unburdened by responsibility, means the accumulation of any savings for emergencies is unnecessary for Stupid Cults. If unplanned and unwanted events occur, it’s someone else’s problem. It’s definitely someone else’s fault.

#6 No Goals are Required

Stupid Cults believe goals and ambitions are constructs of a system designed to make those who are not Stupid Cults believe in impossible dreams, with the express intention of making them work harder.

#7 Entitlement

Stupid Cults believe they are entitled to the following: to work only 8 hours work per day with weekends off and 3 weeks paid leave. To own a house of their own. Along with a world class public transport and healthcare system, plus a fully funded retirement plan. Funding these is not a concern for Stupid Cults, as they believe someone wealthier than them ought to pay the taxes necessary to fund them (and there’s always someone wealthier than them).

#8 Living For Today

Stupid Cults disbelieve the statistics showing an ageing population. Rather, they believe with their luck, they’ll probably be dead tomorrow. So they plan their finances accordingly – by not having a plan.

If they have money, they spend it. If they get more money, they spend more of it.

#9 An Overnight Success

An overnight success is not a dream, but a realistic business plan. Stupid Cults believe in

working smart not hard. They believe it isn’t necessary to put in the grind over time that other financially successful people did. Cult members are smarter, Special people. They believe their talent will be discovered (eventually) and when that happens, their due rewards will be theirs ‘overnight’

There are many more beliefs adopted and practised by the Stupid Cult members. Should you have any examples and you would like them considered to be included in the above belief system, please add them in the comments section below.

Watch out for our our next blog, which will deliver the 12 step Stupid Cult Detox programme.