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Housework and looking after children is not a proper job.

Never one to shy away from a controversial statement, I said that to a lady who used looking after her children as a defence for why she couldn’t take a part time job to increase her income.

‘I already have a job’ she said. ‘I look after my children and do the housework’.

So let me say again ‘they aren’t proper jobs’.

What they are, are choices.

You ‘choose’ to do the housework. The alternative is you don’t do the housework and live like a pig. It’s a choice.

Unless you were the victim of a sexual attack, you chose to have children. Looking after them isn’t ‘work’, it’s called being a parent. It’s a responsibility you took upon yourself. Grow up.

A ‘job’, is something you get paid for because you wouldn’t do it voluntarily.

You’re a parent voluntarily so it isn’t a job.

Much of life comes down to choices, with some notable exceptions; you don’t get to choose the colour of your skin, which country you’re born in or whether your parents are wealthy or not.

To paraphrase Bill Gates ‘being born poor isn’t your fault. But dying poor is.’

Where you are today (financially, geographically and socially) is the sum total of the choices and decisions you’ve made so far.

It’s ALL your fault.

Which is actually liberating and empowering, because it means the future direction of your life is 100% in your control.

Becoming wealthy is just a choice. If you chose to spend less than you earned, then eventually, you’d become wealthy. It would be impossible to avoid it.

Imagine; impossible to avoid becoming wealthy. It’s merely a choice.

You can make an excuse out of doing the housework or looking after the kids, for not becoming wealthy. But that’s what it is, an excuse. It’s a decision. A choice. What they aren’t, are ‘jobs’.