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I’d like to talk to you about God

‘I’d like to talk to you about God’, said the guy in a suit standing at my front door.

It was 10:00 on Sunday morning and I’d been in bed for only 2 hours after a night shift.

‘Are you missing something in your life?’ he continued.

‘Yes, fxxking sleep’ I replied, and shut the door.

The conversation (?) got me thinking about time. I think a lot about time as I have so little of it left.

What have God and time to do with each other?

I’ve ruminated for years over the existence of a God. Sometimes positive there is a higher ‘Force’, and other times scolding myself for my foolishness and insecurity.

If there is no God, at some unknown future time my life will end. If there is no God I disappear into the void, never to think again. Never to know me. My family. My friends. Just nothing.

I’m 57 so I have maybe 30 years left.

If that is the reality and there is no God, then shouldn’t I be making the very best of every minute I have left?

I constantly ask myself ‘is this the best thing I can do at this moment?’

I decided that If I have 30 years left, I’m going to do something remarkable. Something I could have done at anytime in my life.

I’m going squeeze 20 years of work into 10 years, and live my remaining 20 years on a 50’ yacht in the Mediterranean.

In truth, had I known at age 18 what I know now I could have retired when I was 28.


It’s time that motivates me and not the questionable existence of a supreme being.

Time to a young man is the enemy. It’s perceived eternity slows him down. There appears so much of it that there’s no rush to action.

Time to an older man is to be loved. Coveted. Embraced. The unquestionable existence of a biological clock that is running out, speeds the older man up. Injects a sense of urgency. There’s so little of it left.

What I have planned would have been soooo much easier to the young Perry than the old Perry. But the age makes it harder not any less possible.

Here’s the plan: work 70 – 80 hours per week for 10 years and retire with around £300,000.

Invest the money at a conservative return if 5%, and it will kick out £15,000 pa without diminishing the capital.

It’s a plan anyone who is able to work can replicate.

The time can be manipulated. Your retirement date can be chosen. The shorter the time you give yourself, the harder you have to work.

If you don’t have a good work ethic it will take you longer – providing you invest. If you continuously spend all your money you will NEVER be wealthy.

What if I’m wrong though? What if there is a God and consciousness continues after physical death? What if time is eternal and I’ve worked harder than most for no reason?

It’s irrelevant. The goal is irrelevant. It’s the process that I enjoy, and if my time continues after death then the process continues too.

As Captain Hook said ‘ death Peter – the greatest adventure of all’