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Inequality is Good

The world is sometimes unfair, but it is always unequal – and that is good. It is the natural way.

Look at any animal or plant community and you find winners and losers. A natural hierarchy.

All humans have different talents, skills and levels of intelligence. Freedom to exercise these will therefore produce an unequal world.

Everyday all of us strive to make the world more unequal.

By choosing to go to university, the student hopes to make a better life for them self (better than for others). By going to a ‘good’ university they hope to make life better for themselves as compared to students in lesser universities.

At work, people strive for promotion and the accompanying pay rise to make their life better, making the world a little more unequal.

Inequality produces growth and innovation, making the world better not just for the individual but for all of us.

Inequality is to be encouraged.

Inequality is freedom. Inequality requires freedom to thrive. The only way to reduce inequality is to curb freedom.

As inequality is natural, to reduce it requires an unnatural force. Laws. The interference of Governments.

To make the ownership of wealth equal, Governments collect tax and ‘redistribute’ it. (A curious word, as it suggests the money was distributed in the first place, instead of being earned).

Governments pass laws to make people behave in a fashion they wouldn’t voluntarily behave. Working hours are restricted. Minimum wages are set. All done under the banner of improving lives of the many, but really meant to prevent anyone being better than the rest.

To make the world equal, it is essential that freedom be restricted. That choice be restricted. Lack of freedom forces everyone down to a level of the average.

I choose to be different. I choose to work twice as hard as others and therefore earn twice as much. That money will be invested to make me wealthier.

That will make me unequal to those who have less money, but my actions are replicable by anyone who wants the same. All that is required is to choose.

Choose to be unequal. Choose freedom

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