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Money DOES make you happier

Let’s face, it that old chestnut about ‘money not bringing you happiness’, is generally trotted out by those people who believe they’ll never have any.

Money does bring you happiness. It just does.

If I were to double your income, I promise you you’d be happier.

Conversely, if I were to half your income you’d be less happy.

Is unarguable and undeniable – to a point.

And that point is the ‘enough’ point.

Now, everyone’s ‘enough’ point is different.

Firstly, what is the ‘enough’ point. According to the book ‘your money or your life’, it’s that point where more money doesn’t make you more happy.

As an example, if you have £1 billion cash in the bank and you make and extra £1 million, you probably wouldn’t be happier because if the extra mill.

So, where that ‘enough’ point is, is difficult to predict.

It’s that time when all your goals have been met and making money has become a routine. Purchases become frivolous in an attempt to create the excitement (now long gone) of being able to buy anything you want.

Cristiano Ronaldo recently spent £75,000 on two bottles of wine in a restaurant recently. He didn’t even finish the bottles.

This is a clear indication that he has at least reached and almost certainly passed his ‘enough’ point. The Money has almost become valueless to him.

God willing, We’ll all reach that point some day, but what to do when that happens? Do we stop generating income and retire? Or perhaps continue to work and give the surplus to ‘enough’ money away?

Obviously that question will be answered in different ways by different people.

Why stop working if you enjoy what you’re doing?

Most of Bill Gates’ time is now spent giving away the £90 billion he donated to his Foundation. £90 billion that was added to buy Warren Buffet to the tune of £3.5 billion.

So, the money Gates generated continues to make him happy as well as the people he is able to help via his Foundation.

Bill Gates’s message is clear; if you want to make a lot of people happy, become wealthy and give your money to them.

There are those who will be bloody miserable by nature – no matter how much money they have. They can however, be miserable in luxury.