The Default Lifestyle

The definition of default is ‘a preselected option when no other alternative is selected by the user’.

So, a default lifestyle is a lifestyle that has not been selected by the user, but rather one that has been preselected for them. It’s a lifestyle of someone who just ‘goes with the flow’, and is swept along in the stream of mediocrity. A lifestyle that is similar to everyone else in their peer group. Normal. Boring. Stupid.

Wait a minute, you may say. That’s a bit strong. Maybe we prefer to be normal or boring (not so much the Stupid).

But if your dream lifestyle WAS available to you, and you had the means to achieve it, then isn’t choosing NOT to grab it Stupid?

Too many people just accept what life offers them. A life of random events they stumble up against. Happy to be part of someone else’s plan rather than formulate one of their own because it’s easier and less hassle.

They make the same income as their friends, take similar holidays, live in the same houses, watch the same programmes on telly, teach their kids the same fxxking lifestyle until they get the same retirement as their friends, when they go on the same holidays, get the same diseases and die in the same care homes.

Not for me the Default Lifestyle. Not for me. I’m designing my future. I have a plan and I’m executing the plan – ruthlessly. My plan is a 50’ Beneteau yacht moored in Gibraltar harbour and £200 grand to sail it round the Med – in 10 years. The annoying thing is, if I’d begun my plan 10 years ago, and be sat on it now filming this video. As it is, I’ve got 8.5 years to go.

You can follow my progress on YouTube and Facebook where I give a 6 monthly update.

Don’t have a default lifestyle. Don’t be Stupid. Don’t be Normal

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