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Guest Blog: The Truth About Making Money Online

Occasionally, I introduce a guest blog that I think will benefit our audience.

I would like to introduce to you Ryan Scribner, famous US finance blogger who has chosen Stupid Is The Norm to feature his first UK blog.

Below is his U.K. premier blog. I’m sure will be hearing more from him:

Being smarter with your money is one of the key life skills that will make a huge difference in anyone’s live – and

The idea of earning passive income or making money online is incredibly seductive. As someone who has been earning a living online for the last 18 months, I want to go ahead and share what my experience has been. I can tell you that it is not all what it is chalked up to be, but there are some positives. Before I was a full time online entrepreneur, I was working a 9 to 5 job. I started making YouTube videos on the side as a hobby, and quickly learned this could be a decent source of income. I can remember the point when I began making $1,000 a month, I started thinking about what it would be like to do this full time. I imagined the grass to be so much greener on the other side. I wouldn’t have to show up to work on someone else’s time. I could work when I wanted to, where I wanted to. I would feel happy and fulfilled every hour of the day doing something that I loved! Oh, the optimism.

A lot of people focus on the money when transitioning from pursing an online venture part time to full time. What I found was that the money began to flow in as I learned how to improve what I was doing and dedicate my full time energy to it. In not much time at all, I went from earning $1,000 a month to $5,000 and then $10,000. In hindsight, earning enough money should have been the least of my concerns. Instead, these are the areas I struggled with that I should have been focusing on. I just want to preface this by saying I am not trying to deter you from going off and doing your own thing. I am just hoping to set you up with realistic expectations.

First of all, this is a very lonely lifestyle. I went from working in an office full of people (who annoyed me at the time) to working alone for the entire day. At first, I was instantly more productive and I thought it was great! After a few weeks, I began feeling withdrawn from the rest of the world and began to develop a bit of social anxiety. I know this sounds weird for someone who makes YouTube videos of himself for a living, but it is true. If you decide to partake in the “laptop lifestyle” do so around people. You will be amazed the difference it makes working alone versus in a coffee shop or shared workspace. Ask around for a shared workspace, it is important to have some human interaction throughout the day.

Second of all, my work life balance completely went out the window. You know that morning and evening commute that you probably dread? Well it turns out that is actually a really important part of your day. When I worked at my old job, I had a 45 minute commute each way. When I was driving, I would listen to music or podcasts. I never realized how important this time was until I was without it. Instead of having well defined work time and leisure time, I ended up with both and neither at the same time. During leisure time, I could not stop thinking about work. During work time, I was constantly distracted by having access to my home at any point in the day. Laundry is dirty? Might as well wash it now. This is one of the most important lessons I have learned. It is essential for you to have clearly defined work time and leisure time. I do not recommend this blended approach I followed for all too long! Set designated work hours. When work is done, close your laptop and do not think about your work until tomorrow! Easier said than done… but it is important.

Third of all, your friends and family will think you just sit around all day doing nothing. Whenever my friends or family members need something, I am almost always the first one they call. Now, I am not complaining about this because I am always more than happy to help people out. I just want you to be aware of this. Let me walk you through a scenario I was recently involved with. Your family member calls you because the dog is sick and needs to go to the vet. They ask you to drop everything and bring the dog to the vet. If you tell them no, you are a “jerk” because you are the boss and you get to make your own schedule. However, if you were an employee and your boss denied your request to help out the family dog, you are not a jerk because it is out of your control. If you are working from home, get ready for these types of calls from your friends and family.

Fourth, and finally, waking up early might be a struggle. Now, this is entirely dependent on the type of person that you are. Some of us are night owls while others are morning people. Oddly enough, I go back and forth based on what is going on in my life. If I am working on a project, I tend to be a night owl. At other times, you might see me up around 7am. The problem with this is it becomes extremely difficult to regulate your schedule. Your job is an anchor piece in your schedule. You know that come Monday morning, you have to be up at a certain hour to get to work on time. While most people complain about this, it is actually extremely important. You need these anchor pieces in your schedule to keep you on track. Otherwise, you might find that your sleep schedule is all over the place and you will probably never know what day it is. If you decide to take the “leap of faith” I would recommend using your fitness routine as your anchor point. If you are a morning person, get up and work out at the same time every single day. This will help you regulate your schedule and have some consistency day today.

All in all, I do enjoy working for myself. My worst day as an entrepreneur will always be better than my best day as an employee. While this lifestyle is for some, it is not for everyone. Some flourish in this environment while others flounder. If you have realistic expectations going in, you will have a much better transition going from the worker to the entrepreneur.


About Our Guest Author

Ryan Scribner started his YouTube channel in October of 2016. By June of 2017, when he had just over 10,000 subscribers, he made the bold move to quit his job and pursue his online business full time. By January of 2018 he surpassed the 100,000 subscriber mark on his channel. In June of 2018, Ryan acquired one of the largest Instagram pages related to investing known as Investing Simple. He also created a blog that was a spin off of this investing brand. Now, Ryan Scribner has over 300,000 subscribers on his channel, 200,000 followers on Instagram and around 30,000 blog visitors a month. He makes the majority of his income from his YouTube channel, but plans to scale up the blog to become a major revenue stream in 2019 and 2020. Primarily, Ryan is making money from ads, affiliate marketing and paid shout outs on his Instagram.

Please take the time to visit Ryan’s great website at: and his You Tube channel which is right here.