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Silly Branding Mistakes That Can make Your Business A Laughing Stock

You’re ambitious, imaginative and resourceful. Moreover you’re slowly coming to a dawning realisation… You won’t get the recognition or remuneration you deserve for your talents and skill set if you keep on trying to climb that rickety corporate ladder. You’re tired of being overlooked, overworked, underpaid and under appreciated. So, what do you do? Why, you go into business for yourself of course! But with so many legions of competitors out there just waiting for an excuse to undermine you and steal your customers away, you know that savvy branding is the key to retaining loyal customers as well as attracting new one. Branding isn’t just a consideration for big businesses (although they have the capital and resources at their disposal to be the best at it). It’s just as important for small to medium sized enterprises.

If your brand is to be a success and if your business is to defy the odds and stay afloat, it needs to steer clear of these branding mistakes which can lead it to fall flat on its face…

Over reliance on digital marketing

Digital may be the medium of choice for brand savvy businesses but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only way of getting your name (and logo) out there. Ensuring that your enterprise has a presence at exhibitions, job fairs and other key events on your industry’s calendar is absolutely crucial for maximum brand penetration. Sure, this may mean a few overheads but the price of an exhibition display stand is more than worth it considering the exposure it can afford your brand. It’s a great opportunity for public speaking, handing out branded materials and creating opportunities for off page SEO.  

Inferior content marketing

Most new entrepreneurs have heard that content is king and know that in order for your search engine visibility to stand head and shoulders above your peers you need to have a steady stream of content for users. But this should never mean choosing quantity over quality. Outsourcing your content to low cost, low quality content farms in overseas territories will only cheapen your brand and make you look ridiculous. Your content should position you as an expert in your field… Not mark you out as a cheapskate who doesn’t consider their users worthy of well sourced content.

Inconsistency across different platforms

Consistency is enormously important to the efficacy of your brand. It demonstrates that you have a clear and unified vision behind everything your enterprise does. If your branding on your website bears absolutely no relation to your Twitter feed which in turn looks and feels nothing like your Facebook profile, this can seriously undermine your brand and make you look like an amateur.
Failing to keep your promise

Finally, your brand is more than just a logo, a slogan or a handful of catchy soundbites. It should make a promise which is inextricably tied to your mission statement. If the way you or your employers treat your customers, the quality of your product or even the way in which you deal with your waste doesn’t reflect the promise your brand makes this could mark you out as a hypocrite.

And if there’s anything consumers hate, it’s hypocrisy.