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Technology To Make You Rich

As the world first moved online, tasks we used to do manually went digital, and innovation has disrupted the way we live our lives, there has been much talk over whether this has been a good or bad thing. ‘Technology has taken people’s jobs,’ ‘people don’t talk to each other anymore’ and ‘we have become lazy’ are some of the complaints people make when talking about the digital revolution. However, as with everything there are pros and cons and one of the biggest pros when it comes to technology is how it has saved us time and money and will continue to do so. Technology can effectively make us rich and here’s how:

Apps For Everything

There are apps for everything now which has made our lives easier. Even better than an app to save you time to visit a shop or money on the transport, there are apps specifically for saving money. Having a money saving app on your phone is a great way to budget. They allow you to view your monthly balance which you have allocated to your budget, and ensure that you do not spend over that. With it being an app, it means that it is portable so that you can use it on the go and in the shops. Apps such as ‘Money Dashboard’ can help you to categorize your money and see how much you are spending per month in a customizable and easy- to- navigate dashboard, which is perfect if you want to keep track of your money, as it is all in one place. Then there are apps such as ‘Voucher codes,’ which search the web to find you coupon codes to help you save money when shopping online, meaning that you can save money every time you buy.

Online Is Best

From banking to shopping, paying bills to making travel plans, do as much as you can online to save cash. Use internet banking for your current account as well as any credit and savings accounts too so that you can see exactly where you are financial, as it’s so simple with the easy-to-use free banking apps that are out there. If you don’t know where to start, the internet has given us access to so much information that you can learn just about anything, whether you’re learning how to make tax digital or how to start your own business, everything is online. When you are spending money, all of the best deals are online, for flights, train tickets or holidays, there are always online savings, plus many companies who only operate online. Many utility providers also offer discounts for paperless billing.

Get Smart

While you have to spend money in the first instance, if you spend money on smart technology you will save money in the long term. Smart thermostats, which are small, internet-connected devices that are controlled by you, via apps, are leading the way when it comes to “eco-technology” within the home.  These devices will reduce your energy bills by heating your home in the most efficient way possible and could potentially revolutionize the way we use energy.