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12 Step Programme For Recovering Stupid Cults

In a previous blog I spoke about the characteristics of members of the Stupid Cult.

In this blog we’ve designed a programme based on the Alcoholics Anonymous recovery programme, called The 12 Step Programme For Recovering Stupid Cults

Step #1 I appreciate the Law of Cause and Effect, and understand that events are not random, but are instead caused by actions or inactions.

For every effect their is a definite cause. An object will not move until an external force acts upon it.

When you broke something as a child your protestations of innocence go ignored by your mother because she KNEW the ornament didn’t leap from the mantle piece by itself.

Your mother understood the Law of Cause and Effect.

Step #2 I fully admit that my present circumstances are as a direct result of my actions or inactions, and are no one’s fault but my own.

This second step differs from the first step as it’s an admission that everything is your fault.

Once the Law of Cause and Effect is understood, then there are only 2 explanations for your current circumstances: either someone caused them or YOU caused them.

It’s easier, and frankly a cop out, to blame someone else. It is truer to admit it was either something you did or didn’t do that brings you to where you are today.

It’s certainly more liberating to accept responsibility because it means your life from here on in is in your control, and you don’t rely on anyone for its improvement.

Step #3 I recognise that if my circumstances are to change, I must do something different.

If where you are is a result of you’re actions or inactions, and you don’t like where you are, then you have to DO something different, otherwise your going to get what you’ve always gotten.

Step #3 is an admission that change is necessary if your situation is to improve

Step #4 A budget is my most powerful weapon in my war against poverty and Stupidity.

Budgeting is hard. It’s like a fat person counting calories. It’s difficult but it really is the secret to achieving your goal.

Knowing how much you spend and how much you need to generate to achieve financial independence is crucial.

Your budget is the route to your goal and is the motivation to work harder to hit targets and achieve your dream lifestyle.

Step #5 I believe that ALL debt is bad. Rather than reducing the waiting time for gratification, debt extends the period of pain, caused by it’s repayment plus interest.

Debt is a cancer and will kill you as quickly as it’s biological counterpart.

Just because Debt enables you to buy something doesn’t mean you can afford it.

Debt is to avoided wherever possible.

Step #6 I insist that I am more important than any other claimant upon my income, and I ensure I am paid first.

Every time you spend money you make someone other than yourself wealthier.

If you decided how much you wanted to save each month, and then set up a direct debit on the first of the month into your saving account, given time, you would become wealthy. It would be impossible to avoid it.

Step #7 In a chaotic world there are some events I have no control over but will impact my life. I believe any impact can be lessened by the building of a cash emergency fund.

How much you save in an emergency fund depends upon your attitude to risk. Ask yourself this question ‘if I lost my job today, how many months would it take to find a job with the same income’ and then save that amount in a cash fund.

Step #8 I understand the phenomenon that is compound interest and it’s effortless conversion of the smallest sums into great wealth over time.

Einstein called compound interest the 8th wonder if the world.

If someone working at Macdonalds saved the equivalent of 2 hours of their wages from 18 to 67, and invested it in a good Tracker Fund, they would be a millionaire on retirement. THAT is the magic of compound interest

Step #9 I value my time immensely and recognise that a price in time has to be allocated to every purchase.

Every purchase comes at a price not just of money but of time.

If you earn £10 ph and you buy a t shirt for £10, then you had to give an hour of your time for the shirt.

You spend £15,000 on a car you had to donate 1,500 hours or 37 working weeks to buy it. Was it really worth almost 9 months work in a job you probably hate? I don’t know.

Step #10 I deplore the accumulation of worthless ‘stuff’.

Walk round a poor person’s house and you’ll find it full of ‘stuff’.

My definition of Consumerism is ‘the belief that the acquisition of more and more crap, is a good thing’.

If you buy something worth £20 for £10, you haven’t saved £10, you’ve spent £10.

Saving money on a purchase so you can buy something else is not ‘saving money’. It’s allowing you to consume more for the same amount of money.

Step #11 I believe the achievement of wealth to be a worthy and noble cause.

There are those who believe the pursuit of wealth to be greedy and state instead that you should work to alleviate the lot of the poor.

However, you can’t help the poor by being poor yourself. First get wealthy and then help the poor.

Bill Gates spends his life giving away his money and helping those most in need.

Step #12 I believe that wealth is merely the combination of hard decisions, hard saving, and hard work.

It’s hard becoming wealthy. There’s no denying it. It’s the hard work that deters the many, the normal. The Stupid Cults.

And that’s NOT us.

Recovering Stupid Cults are encouraged to read and absorb these steps on a daily basis.

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