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A Heads Up For School Leavers.

Most of your time at school was wasted. You’ve spent years learning stuff you didn’t need to know and will never use again.

If earlier on, you were allowed to concentrate your time on what you were good at, you would have been an expert in the field of knowledge you enjoyed and excelled at. It’s not the teachers fault, they were just teaching to a curriculum.

I want to tell you the truth about the world you’re about to enter into. It’s not as you might think.

Despite what well meaning people told you, you can’t become anything you want – unless you’re willing to work 70+ hours per week. If you aren’t, you’ll just have to settle for average, which is what most people do.

There are no prizes for second place or just participating. Real life is binary. You win or you lose. Sorry.

Life isn’t fair, and thinking it ought to be won’t serve you well. Better to prepare for those times when life deals you a poor hand. Be ready to dust yourself down, and try again.

It’s not the Government’s job to make you happy. That’s YOUR responsibility. If you aren’t happy, YOU do something about it. There’ll come a time when your parents aren’t here to help. Best to start practising asap.

Help those who are unable to help themselves. Ignore everyone else. You don’t have time.

Most of us look better with our clothes on. Don’t compare yourself with someone whose income is dependent on them looking good. Eventually, despite medical enhancements, their looks too will become imperfect, and it will be a mighty blow to them. At least most of us are used to it.

Be patient. Success in any form takes time. That’s why those older than you appear more successful.

If you’re planning on going to Uni, and your sole  motivation for doing so is as a path to wealth – don’t bother. Instead, every week, invest 2 hours worth of salary into a good pension scheme, and you’ll be a millionaire by the time you retire. Pretty much guaranteed.

Your parents never had it ‘easy’. They dealt with the same shit you did, and on top of it, they had YOU to deal with.

Do not expect self esteem and a standing in the community from your job. Your job is merely a means of generating income so that you can have what you desire. It matters not that you’re a lawyer or you’re flipping burgers. You can achieve wealth (and buy with it what you desire,) simply by not spending all you earn. It’s not a magic formula it’s just maths. If you require self esteem and a standing within the community, try donating your time to help those who can’t help themselves.

Owning a credit card is not a measure of financial maturity, it’s an indication your spending more than you earn.

Debt is a financial cancer that will kill a healthy organism as quickly as its biological equivalent. It is to be avoided.

And this above all else, love thy neighbour as thyself. If we all did this, the world would be a better place.

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