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The Price To Pay

Einstein’s formula e=mc2, means energy (e) is equivalent to mass (m) times the speed of light (c) squared. Stay with me here.

Essentially, it means energy is interchangeable with mass. An atomic explosion is achieved by releasing all the energy in a small piece of plutonium. You can convert energy into mass and mass into energy. It’s how our sun works.

It’s a perfect balance. If we create mass we lose energy and if we can create energy by destroying mass.

When you die, the energy in your body is released into the earth and absorbed by the plants. If you’re cremated, most of the energy in your body is released as heat.

There is always a price to pay. You can’t create something from nothing (one of the puzzles regarding the origin of our universe).

It is the same with wealth creation. You can’t create wealth without there being an appropriate cost. This may not be a financial cost, but instead, it may be hard work, time, risk, or an emotional toll.

Which is why get rich quick schemes are always scams. Guaranteed wealth comes at a guaranteed cost.

If you aren’t prepared to pay the price, you won’t become wealthy. If you don’t get obsessive about repaying that debt it will always be with you. If you aren’t prepared to buy in a 60 -70 hour week, then it will take you longer to achieve your goal. If you’re only prepared to do what everyone else does, then you are settling for what everyone else has  it’s just maths.

The price, or the balance, can be explained thus; to become wealthy in the long term means you will have to make sacrifices now e.g.  Cutting costs, saving money etc. To do none of these things (living for today with no mind for the future), means sacrificing future wealth.

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