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You Have The Power

I was shaving in the bathroom a while ago, and whilst bending over to rinse my face, my daughter rudely pointed out the roll of flesh/fat that spilled over my belt.

I said ‘it’s to be expected at my age’. It happens to everyone right? It’s natural. I shouldn’t beat myself up about it. Its perfectly normal. And there it was; that normal word. That stupid word.

Just because everyone else accepts it, why should I? So, I decided to lose the weight. And I did 9 pounds in 6 weeks. How did I do it?

I looked at myself in the mirror and said ‘stop eating more calories than you burn off you fat bxxxxxd’. Sometimes telling the truth, no matter how brutal, acts  as a wake up call.

Getting fat, like getting wealthy, does not happen over night. It’s a gradual process. You can stop getting fat anytime you like. You can start becoming wealthy anytime you like.

The relevance of this epiphany is twofold; firstly, I recognised that the responsibility for me putting on weight, was mine. It wasn’t genetics, the nmedia making me eat more, and it wasn’t natural. It was because of the actions I was taking (or not taking). The truth is I had got lazy and stopped going to the gym. I had stopped walking round the park when I could. I had slipped into the habit of taking a biscuit every time I passed the tin. I was drinking too much fizzy pop. It was my fault. Now, that’s a good thing because it meant I was in control and I could make the necessary changes. I didn’t rely upon anyone else because it was MY responsibility.

Secondly, I had decided not to follow the norm. Just because a middle aged spread was the norm, didn’t mean I had to accept it. I was going to be different from the acceptable shape of a man of a certain age. That’s a prerequisite to becoming wealthy- not acting as the herd. If you’re going to do what everyone else does your going to get what everyone else has.

I’m not lecturing here. If you aspire to be average then good luck to you. However, most people confess to wanting that little bit more but aren’t prepared to be different.

Perry Wilson
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