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2 Hour Work Week

Tim Ferriss wrote a book called ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’. He explains how to cram your working time into a space that fills only 4 hours.

It’s a little fraudulent, in as much that you first have to work 80 hours per week for some years to build up a business to a state where you can pay someone else to do the work for you. Derrrr!

Anyhow, I can demonstrate how by saving only the equivalent of 2 hours pay per week, you can become very wealthy. No kidding. No fraud. No stress.

Let’s say you make £8 per hour and you save 2 hours worth of your salary every week. That’s £69.33 per month (let’s call it £70). Using this money, you are going to be very wealthy.

If you work 38 hours per week, you’re reserving only 2 of those hours for yourself. The other 36 hours worth you can squander as you like. I don’t care.

If you invest this money in an Index Tracker for the long term (to find out more about Index Trackers, visit and click on ‘Articles’). Over the long term (more than 10 years) you will capture a compound annual growth of around 11%.

After 10 years, your fund will be worth £15,373, after 20 years £61,549, after 30 years £200,247 and after 35 years £352,675.

Naturally, if you wish to save more than 2 hours per week, the total achieved will be far greater.

Look at the difference between the 30 year total and the 35 year total. This demonstrates the importance of time when calculating growth using compound interest.

It would be easy after only 10 years growth to become a little disappointed with the total and give up on the plan. Remember this is not a get rich quick scheme (winning the lottery aside, they don’t exist). It is a get rich eventually scheme. Sticking with the plan is essential to success.

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